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Why Wiens & Company

We take pride in creating buildings that help communities thrive because we know construction is about much more than bricks and mortar. It’s about building a community’s future.​

The values that build community are the same values that have driven our work at Wiens & Company for more than 33 years – common-sense problem solving, humility, hard work, fairness, and unyielding kindness.

Our Values:

The Building Blocks of Community

Our journey in construction has been guided by the values that build communities – values we hold dear and incorporate into every project:


Purposeful Solutions

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Meticulous Work

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If you are ready to join a great team environment and have opportunities to grow within the company, contact us today.

By the Numbers

45 HOUR WORK WEEK – We proudly stand apart from other construction companies by putting family at the heart of everything we do. We understand that life is about more than just work, and our commitment to our employees’ well-being reflects that.

AVERAGE EMPLOYEE TENURE – 11 YEARS- We take immense pride in our team’s enduring commitment to our mission. We believe that the strength of our company lies in the dedication of our employees, and we foster an environment where loyalty is not just encouraged but celebrated. 

30% OF OUR EMPLOYEES HAVE ADVANCED IN THE COMPANY – We firmly believe that hard work, dedication, and embodying our core values are the steppingstones to a rewarding career with us. When you become part of Wiens & Company, you’re not just joining a team; you’re entering an environment where your efforts are valued, and your skills are developed.

Employee Testimonials

“I’ve had the privilege of working with incredibly talented individuals during my time at Wiens & Company. It fills me with pride to be part of a company that consistently seeks and retains exceptional talent, including young professionals eager to learn and develop, regardless of their educational background.”

Lynnette Lewis

Head Bookkeeper / Human Resource Officer​

“Having been a part of this company for 33 years, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing and accomplishing so much, all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Wiens & Company is not just a place of work; it’s a company founded on Christian principles, where family is at the forefront and work comes second.”

Mike Haynes

Shop Supervisor

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