For schools, churches, clinics, businesses, and rural Kansas senior homes, construction is about much more than bricks and mortar. It’s about building a community’s future.

That’s why the values that build community are the same values that have driven our work at Wiens & Company for more than 33 years – common sense problem solving, humility, hard work, fairness, and unyielding kindness. Together with community leaders, we roll up our sleeves to plan purposeful spaces that focus on function rather than frills. Then we lead the building process with proactive communication and meticulous attention to detail, thinking ahead to make sure everything works together and to avoid issues and delays.

We know the future of your citizens, students, patients, residents, and customers rides on getting the most out of your facilities. And we are proud to make them greater.

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We share your values


  •   We seek functional, effective, long-lasting solutions that are in the best interests of our clients.

  •   We look for clever ways to solve problems and make it work.

  •   We think ahead to get the most out of our efforts and avoid issues/delays.

  •   We pay attention to every detail.
  • GRIT:

  •   We work hard and smart, making a persistent and determined effort toward success.

  •   We do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason.

We share your values







Our History

Our beginning dates back to 1953 when Simon Wiens, or “Si” as he was commonly known by people, when he and his partner started Jost and Wiens Construction. It was his desire to build quality buildings with attention to detail and to have great client relationships. He also desired to have his son Sid Wiens carry on the tradition that he had started. So as soon as Sid was able, he was working in the trade of his father, learning it from the ground up.

In 1987, Si helped form a new entity of Wiens and Dudley Construction. Sid was 24 at the time. While he had been around the business for many years, there was still much that he needed to learn. Si Wiens passed away 3 months later leaving this new company in young hands. There were growing pains but a determination to move forward and grow the company that his father had left to him.

In 1988, Sid won his first job, First Missionary Church in Dodge City KS. This was the stepping stone that led to many more jobs in Cimarron, St John, Hoxie, Sterling, Cunningham, Hutchinson and surrounding areas.


Our Future

Bryant, like his father, Sid, has worked for years in the construction field. He attended Pitt State University in Pittsburg, Kansas where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. Bryant joined Wiens & Company in May, 2016 as a Project Superintendent.

Today, Wiens & Company is a third generation enterprise growing with the addition of Bryant Wiens to continue our focus of excellence in institutional construction.

Wiens Dad

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